The Ultimate Recipe & Cookbook Buyers Guide


When choosing a cook book it should be instantly appealing and make you want to take it home with you! The cover should be enticing and tempt you to dive straight inside the pages to explore what lies within.
After initial appeal, the next most important thing to look for is the quality of ingredients listed in the recipes. Ingredients should be fresh, so if you are skimming through a cook book and come across a number of recipes that include canned soups, frozen bread dough or canned meats, you should immediately avoid purchasing the book altogether!
Once you’ve ensured that you will be cooking with the quality ingredients, it’s time to scour your prospective recipe book for clarity and volume of content. A great cook book will often have fewer images than actual recipes and the images that they do offer are there to assist you in cooking the desired dish by offering a visual aid aimed at showing you how a certain dish, or dish at a certain stage of cooking, should look. Recipe books that are glammed up with mood-lit, artistic images are lovely to look at, however you will gain more substance from a traditional cook book that focusses on conveying the actual recipes it holds. Clarity should be evident across the range of recipes in your cook book; recipes should be written clearly and therefore, easily understandable when being used.
Finally, a cook book should have an index to ensure that recipes or recipes with particular ingredients can be located within the book with ease and if a cook book contains recipes with foreign or uncommon ingredients or techniques, a glossary should also be provided to ensure that all terms are explained and you can proceed with making amazing food!